Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11FEEDBACK TOOL-KIT 8. Negotiating an action plan for improvement (IPAP - Improving Performance Action Plan) An action plan to remediate underperformance will help the feedback recipient to act on the feedback received and provide the greatest chance of successfully making the necessary improvements. When devising an IPAP (Improving Performance Action Plan) the following are important considerations to ensure success. The IPAP should be clearly written and:  Be jointly negotiated and agreed  Reflect the performance required / expected  Provide time lines for review. Meeting dates should be set to review performance against the agreed action plan.  Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the supervisee (feedback recipient) and supervisor  Include strategies for ongoing training and development Supervisors are advised to keep a written record of discussions relating to remediation in case further action is required. Sample Action Plans for Remediating Underperformance AMC Intern IPAP template-2014-09-24.pdf TELL Centre Examples of a completed Action Plans (IPAPs) IPAPs should not be confused with workplace bullying! It is acceptable for managers and supervisors to give fair and reasonable feedback on a worker’s performance. These actions are not considered to be workplace bullying if they are carried out lawfully and in a reasonable manner, taking the particular circumstances into account. Examples of reasonable management action can include but are not limited to: • Setting reasonable performance goals, standards and deadlines; • Rostering and allocating working hours where the requirements are reasonable; • Transferring a worker for operational reasons; • Declining a workers’ request for promotion where a reasonable process is followed; • Informing a worker of their unsatisfactory work performance; • Informing a worker of their unreasonable or inappropriate behaviour in an objective and confidential way; • Implementing organisational change or restructure; • Taking appropriate disciplinary action including suspension or termination of employment. Some suggested videos about feedback ‘Feedback as sharing’ HealthPEER, Monash University. These are simulated, scripted scenarios and do not represent the real practices of the actors featuring in the scenarios