JMO Forum Victoria

Date of next meeting:

11 May 2017

PMCV Offices Level 8, 533 Little Lonsdale Street

JMO Forum - Who are we and what do we do?

The JMO Forum is a group of junior medical officers whose goals are to examine issues affecting professional development, training needs and the welfare of other JMOs.

Since its inauguration 10 years ago, the JMO Forum has grown and achieved many accomplishments that contribute to the wellbeing and interests of junior doctors in Victoria. These include representation from 20 hospital networks, review, evaluation and development of practical resources for JMOs, PGY2 education programs, professionalism competencies for junior doctors and development of online learning resources, to name a few.

The specific goals of the JMO Forum are detailed in the forum charter and are realised by members of the JMO Forum, comprising wholly of JMOs and supported by representatives from PMCV.

Download JMO Forum Charter>>

The JMO Forum booklet has been developed in collaboration with Victorian JMOs and sets out the strategic issues identified by Victorian JMOs, the supports available to JMOs and the JMO Forum events for 2016.


Download 2016 JMO Forum Booklet >>


JMO Forum Portfolios

Represent JMOs on the PMCV Education Subcommittee and other avenues to advocate for the Victorian JMO Forum Education & Training Strategic Issues.

Represent JMOs on the PMCV Accreditation Subcommittee and other avenues to advocate for the Victorian JMO Forum Accreditation Strategic Issues.

Our Welfare project focuses on improving factors that can negatively impact on JMOs’ wellbeing.

Represent JMOs on the PMCV Workforce subcommittee and advocate for JMO issues relating to medical workforce/career progression

Represent JMOs on the PMCV IMG subcommittee.

In conjunction with the PMCV website officer, provide advice on the content of the JMO Forum pages on the PMCV website and assist with any policy development in relation to the JMO Forum Facebook presence and provide advice on any changes to JMO Forum Facebook page.

In conjunction with PMCV Chief Executive Officer, review and update the Victorian JMO Forum Booklet (annual by November) and prepare content of JMO Forum reports.

Represent the JMO Forum in the Professionalism Competencies for Junior Medical Officers Project and act as an advocate for JMOs in issues relating to professionalism.

Promote JMO Forum member engagement and recruitment through social media, marketing and liaison initiatives.

2017 Executive Committee

Chair: Seb Belfrage                                        Deputy Chair: Linh Nguyen                          Secretary: Kerry Liu

Seb 2016                          Linh 2017                      Kerry Liu


Education: Emily Stevens                               Welfare: Jia Hui Lee                                   Welfare: Laura Chen

Emily Stevens 2017                           Jia                        Laura Chen


Accreditation:                                                 Workforce:                                                        Website/IT: Skye Kinder   



IMGs:  Marwan Shawki                                  Professionalism:  Michael Fernando             Engagement Officer:  Una Pak         

                                                                       Michael Fernando                    Una2015                                                           

The JMO Forum will meet five times during 2017.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

2017 Dates:

Thursday 2 March

Thursday 11 May

Thursday 13 July

Thursday 21 September

Thursday 30 November


2016 Projects
In 2016 we focused on 7 projects. They were:

1.    Help for junior doctors
2.    JMO Forum back catalogue
3.    Extracurricular Activities for JMOs
4.    Perspective from Regional and Rural Representatives
5.    Bringing the JMO Forum Online
6.    Overtime Culture
7.    Scenario-based Professionalism Discussions for Junior Doctors.

For more detailed information on the current projects click here >>

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