Determining the need for a PESCI - hospital-based positions

Any IMG on the Competent Authority or Standard pathway, who is being employed into a hospital-based position, unless it is identified as being low risk, is required to have a PESCI.

An application to AHPRA for registration is required to include either the PESCI outcome or justification for a PESCI not being required.

The PMCV has developed a risk matrix to assist in determining if a PESCI is required. A flow chart has been developed to guide hospitals/health services in their decision making regarding whether or not an IMG requires a PESCI for a specific position (refer below - Position Description Requirements).

AHPRA requires all employers of IMGs to take responsibility for determining whether a PESCI is required and they will monitor this requirement when assessing IMG applications for registration.


 Position Risk Assessment Guide                 Position Description Requirements

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Position Risk Assessment reduced          PD Requirements


PLEASE NOTE: The PMCV is NOT involved in the PESCI process for General Practice positions

Health Workforce Assessment Victoria (HWAV) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) conduct Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interviews (PESCIs) for IMGs wishing to obtain registration to enter General Practice.

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