PESCI Interviewing for Hospital Based Positions

PMCV PESCI interviewing workshops are scheduled for health service staff who are involved or potentially may be involved in interviewing IMGs via the accredited PESCI process, with a focus on identifying need, planning, conducting and reporting requirements to AHPRA/MBA.

The workshop should also be completed by current PESCI trained interviewers who are required to complete refresher training to maintain PESCI interviewer status (as per p8 in the PESCI Guidelines for hospital based positions)

PESCI - Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview

Next workshop - Wednesday 1st March 2017


PMCV PESCI Interviewer workshop 1 March 2017

Please note that hospital-based PESCI interview panels must have at least 3 panel members, at least two of whom are to be medical practitioners familiar with the clinical and professional demands of the position, and at least two of whom have had specific PESCI interviewer training.