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BPT1/BPT2 & Critical Match 2022

PMCV will administer the Basic Physician Training Years 1/2 (BPT1, BPT2) & HMO Critical Care Match on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health.

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Applications open at 10am


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Applications close at 5pm


Assessment Interview Period

Assessment period including interviews is between Monday 1 August to Friday 19 August.


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Final date to delete or reorder preferences or voluntarily withdraw (closes 5pm).


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Candidates will be emailed the outcome, with results also available via the APS at 10am

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Eligibility criteria

Candidates must hold an MBBS or equivalent.

Candidates must have current General AHPRA registration or be eligible to obtain General AHPRA registration by the commencement of the 2023 clinical year i.e. 06 February 2023.


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BPT1/2 Applications2022-05-05T03:56:44+00:00

Q. Can I apply for BPT2 if I have not completed (or am not currently completing) my BPT1 year?

BPT2 positions are for the second year of Basic Physician Training. Generally, you would only apply for a BPT2 position if you have completed, or are in the process of completing, a BPT1 year. There are some exceptions to this rule however, and you should seek advice from the BPT Coordinator at the health service/s that you are interested in applying to if you are not sure which position you should apply for. For example, some health services would prefer candidates at PGY3+ level to apply for BPT2 positions, even if they have not completed at BPT1 year (this will vary from health service to health service).

BPT2/Critical Care Pre-Match2022-05-05T04:02:59+00:00

Q. Can I receive a BPT2 pre-match offer at another Health Service than the one where I am currently employed?

No, BPT2 & Critical Care pre-Match offers are for internal appointments only, i.e., a doctor working in a Victorian health service in 2022 continuing with the same employing health service in 2023.

The only exception is as follows:

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) do not employ interns. RCH are permitted to make pre-match offers to doctors not currently employed at that health service. Please note that RCH pre-match offers are reported to the PMCV. If you have accepted a pre-match offer with RCH and enter the HMO Match, this will be reported to RCH.

Q. If I have been offered a pre-match, can I enter the BPT2/Critical Care Match as well?

If you have signed a contract for a pre-match, you should not complete an application for the BPT2/Critical Care Match.

If candidates identified as holding a pre-match offer enter the Match, this will be reported to the health service with which they have accepted the pre-match offer.

If candidates reported as holding a pre-match offer remain in the Match after the final withdrawal date and they are allocated to a position via the Match, they will be bound to accept their matched position and forfeit their pre-match offer.

Q. I have verbally been offered a position but I have not been given a contact or I have a contract but have not signed it. Is this still considered an offer?

Contracts should be issued and signed for it to be a binding offer. Please speak to your Health Service as soon as possible if you have not received a contract, or you do not wish to accept the pre-match offer you have received.

Q. What if I don’t want to accept a pre-match offer and go into the Match instead?

You need to advise the Health Service making the offer that your preference is to enter the Match. You should not sign a contract. Some health services may permit you to hold a pre-match offer and participate in the Match, but you must discuss this with the health service. If you do enter the Match and you are allocated to a position, you will be bound to accept the matched position and forfeit your pre-match offer.


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