The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. administers the Advanced Trainee Selection and Matching (ATSM) Service on behalf of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

This match is for current (continuing) advanced trainees in Gastroenterology NSW only. A separate match for new trainees is available in August.

Gastroenterology NSW Match Continuing (Coming Soon)

Gastroenterology NSW Continuing Trainee Match

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Applications Open

All applicants must apply through PMCV and also NSW Health website.


Applications Close

Applications will not be considered if not completed and submitted by this date.  All applicants must also apply to NSW Health directly.


Final day for References

Final day for referees to submit reference reports.

23/06 – 14/07

Health Services’ Selection Process/Interviews

Health Services access candidate details who nominated that health service as a preference and conduct interviews.


Match Closes

Final day for candidates to reorder/delete preferences.

Final day to withdraw from the Gastroenterology NSW Continuing Trainee Match.


Offers Published

Match results are available to candidates and hospital administrators via PMCV Allocation and Placement website login.

Reading Material

Code of conduct

Essential Reading

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Business Rules

Match participation rules and responsibilities

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Candidate Guide

How to instructions related to the Match

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Schedule of Dates

Important dates during the Match process

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Health Service Directory

Listing of participating health services and contact information

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Interview Dates

Schedule of health services interview dates

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Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for a Continuing Advanced Trainee position, you must be currently registered with the RACP as an advanced trainee in Gastroenterology. All applicants must also hold General Registration with AHPRA.

Residential qualification:

Although RACP does not have any specific residential requirements for trainee registration, selection committees are aware that the employing health service(s) or institutions may have citizenship/residency requirements which need consideration in appointment decisions. Overseas trained specialists must be residing in Australia and hold a valid working visa for their application to be considered by the employing institutions.

Australian and New Zealand citizens and applicants with permanent residency who are eligible for appointment will be offered positions before those with temporary visas.



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