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Graduate Nurse Midwifery Program (GNMP)

Welcome to the GNMP Match page

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria (PMCV) conducts the GNMP Match on behalf of the Department of Health.

All the relevant reading material as well as FAQs relating to the GNMP Match are available on this page.

Learn more here – GNMP Match Presentation

GNMP Match

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Match Stage


Timeline (Round 1)


Match Applications Open

Applications to PMCV and Health Services open at 10am


Match Applications Close

All applications to PMCV and Health Services close at 5pm


Online Video Interviews

Approved candidates record video interview responses

Closes Wednesday 20 July at 5pm


Health Service Selection Process

Health Services assess candidates and may conduct additional interviews

Closes Wednesday 14 September


Preference reordering / withdrawing

Final date to reorder preferences or withdraw


Results Published

Candidates receive an email or can log in to the APS to see their results


Reading Material

Code of Conduct

Essential Reading

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Schedule of Dates

Detail of key date activities

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Business Rules

Match rules and requirements

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Candidate’s Guide

APS User Guide

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Health Service Directories

Health Service Directories contain details of the Health Services participating in the match, the types of programs being offered and number of positions in each.

Do your research, as this will help when it is time to enter your preferences when applications open.


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Combined Nursing/ Midwifery

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Mental Health

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Midwifery & Post Graduate Midwifery

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Multiple Intake Health Services

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International / Prior Year Students

Alternate options available

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Candidates with delayed placements

Only applicable to candidates who have had their placements delayed

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Distance Education Students

Additional Evidence Required

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New Graduate Guide

Department of Health

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GNMP Match Presentation

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Eligibility criteria

Eligible candidates for participation in the 2022/2023 GNMP Match are:
  • Victorian trained Nursing/Midwifery students (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident)
  • Current Victorian trained Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery students (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident) undertaking the clinical placement model. (NB: These candidates can only select Midwifery positions).
  • Current Victorian resident – Distance Education Nursing/Midwifery student (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident)
  • Interstate trained Nursing/Midwifery Students (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident)
  • New Zealand trained Nursing/Midwifery Students (New Zealand citizen)
Essential Criteria
  • Eligible for registration as a Registered Nurse and/or Midwife with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship or Australian permanent residency status
  • Have not previously participated in a Graduate Nursing or Graduate Midwifery Program at a Victorian health service.
    (Exemption: Candidates who are currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery may have previously completed a Graduate Nursing Program. These candidates remain eligible to participate in the 2022 GNMP Match but must ONLY nominate midwifery positions in their preference list)
  • Completed a nursing and/or midwifery Bachelor or Masters degree in the academic year – January 2022 to June 2023

Course completion relates to when attendance of all academic subjects / placements are complete not the graduation date or issue of exam results.

Note: Candidates will be required to provide evidence of eligibility to prospective employers.

The following are NOT eligible to participate in the GNMP allocation and placement process:-

  • New Zealand permanent residents
  • International full fee / temporary resident students
  • Students who completed their degree prior to January 2022
  • Candidates who are currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery and are employed by a Health Service.

These students may apply for unmatched positions directly by contacting health services that have unmatched places from 24 October 2022

Under exceptional circumstances, a candidate may request special consideration to be included in a Match process for which they do not meet the essential criteria or where they might otherwise be ineligible. The candidate must contact the PMCV Graduate Nurse / Midwifery Program Officer in the first instance to assess eligibility, before a final decision can be made, or guidance offered.


GNMP – Application Process2022-05-25T05:18:16+00:00

Q. How do I apply for the GNMP Match in 2022?

In Victoria, most Graduate Nurse/Midwifery program (GNMP) places are allocated by the PMCV Allocations & Placement Service (APS). Bachelor of Nursing/Midwifery students or Master of Nursing Practice/Science students who would like to complete a Graduate Nurse/ Midwifery program at one of the participating health services can register through the GNMP Match AND must also apply to the health services they list in their GNMP match registration.

Note that you cannot register to participate in the match process in 2022 until June 6th.

Q. Do I need to submit documents to the Health Services as well?

YES. PMCV does not assess candidates applications. All applicants must submit their application documents (cover letter, CV, academic transcript, residency documents, application form, etc) to ALL the health services nominated on their GNMP Match account. For more information about individual application requirements, please check the health service’s website.

Q. Do I need to attach my cover letter and resume to my profile on PMCV or is this only relevant when applying to the health service directly?

No, your cover letter and CV are what you send as part of the direct application to the Health Service, you do not need to upload this information to PMCV.

Q. Who can I nominate as a referee?

A feature of the Graduate Nurse / Midwifery Program match is the facility to nominate up to two clinical referees to submit references. These need to be someone who has observed you in a clinical setting, for example, whilst you have been on placement. Do not nominate anyone who cannot comment on your clinical skills.

When you nominate a referee you will need to have their title, first & last name plus email, phone number, position and place of employment to enter into your APS account. The system will automatically send them an email with a link for them to complete an on-line reference report that is saved against your account.

Health services will have access to this information to use as part of their assessment process.

Note: when you nominate the referee’s phone number it auto formats to the American style (xxx) xxx xxxx. You cannot change this but it is saved correctly in the system.

Q. Why is my registration status still pending?

When candidates initially register for the GNMP Match, the registration status is “Details Required”. After candidates complete the registration details and nominate preferences, the registration status becomes “Pending Approval”.

PMCV Staff will review all registrations and approve eligible candidates before the registration close date. You do not need to panic if your registration is still pending near this date. If there are any issues you will be contacted in advance. Ensure you complete your online registration with preferences well before the closing date of 8th July 2022 to get your participation approved.

Once you have been approved, the registration status becomes “Registration Approved” and you will be included in the Match.
Note: you can continue to make updates to your account up to the closing date of 8th July after your account has been approved.

Registration status will remain “Pending” until candidates submit the correct information.

Victorian residents who are studying at an interstate university via Distance education may be required to upload Supporting Documents to their Match account. PMCV will notify you if this is a requirement.

Q. Do I need to submit my English language test results to PMCV?

English language test results are NOT a requirement for participating in the GNMP Match. Check individual health service application requirements. For more information about English language skills, please go to Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Q. Can I apply to more than four (4) Health Services

You can only apply to more than four health services if they are not in the PMCV match process e.g. private health services. If you accept a position with them, then you must withdraw from the PMCV GNMP Match no later than 14 September.

Otherwise, if you apply to more than the four health services in your preference list, those health services not listed on your APS account cannot consider you for a position unless you are unmatched and they still have places available once the match results are published.

Do your research and only apply to four health services that you will have in your preference list. You can reorder them up to 14 September.

Q. Is it okay to apply to multiple streams at only one hospital?

If you only wish to be considered for positions at a specific health service then you can do this, however, you would not be guaranteed a match.

It is beneficial to have a few options but only preference health service s that you genuinely would wish to be employed at.

Q. How can I maximise my chance of getting matched to a graduate position?

  • Some health services have multiple programs or graduate programs at different campuses. Ensure you select the correct programs/locations on your preference list and on the application form to health services.
  • Rank your four health service preferences in order of your personal preference, not the chance you think you might be matched to that health service.
  • Think about mental health and aged care programs. Consider collaborative programs or rural placements as they can offer a broad range of clinical experience tailored to individual requirements.
  • Ensure you submit all required documents and answer any specific selection criteria questions to health services on your preference list before the closing date.

Note that you must be prepared to take up a place at any health service listed in your preferences if matched.

Do not list health services you are not prepared to go to.

Q. How would my GPA affect by success through the Matching process?

To be eligible to participate a candidate must have completed all course requirements, subjects and placements before June 2023 and be an Australian/NZ citizen or Australian PR.

PMCV does not ask details on students academic scores, however Health Services may request this information.

Q. I understand the process and selecting criteria of each organisation are slightly different and what is the most important part of the application?

PMCV unable to provide information relating to individual Health Service processes, as we support 75 Health Services and 175 program streams. Candidates should review the websites of the Health Services they intend to preference to ascertain this information.

Health Services will have cover letters, CV’s, video interviews and referee reports and maybe live interviews to make their assessment.

GNMP – Eligibility2022-05-25T04:54:20+00:00

Q. Am I eligible to participate in the 2022/23 Matching Process?

Eligible candidates for participation in the 2022/23 GNMP Match are:

  1. Victorian trained Nursing/Midwifery students (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident).
  2. Current Victorian resident – Distance Education Nursing/Midwifery student (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident) i.e. lives in Victoria and studying online at an interstate university.
  3. Current Victorian trained Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery students (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident) undertaking the clinical placement model. (NB: These candidates can only select Midwifery positions).
  4. Interstate trained Nursing/Midwifery students (Australian or New Zealand citizen/Australian permanent resident) studying at interstate university.
  5. New Zealand trained Nursing/Midwifery students (New Zealand citizen) studying in New Zealand.

Essential Criteria

  • Eligible for registration as a Registered Nurse and/or Registered Midwife with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia on course completion.
  • Australian or New Zealand citizenship or Australian ‘permanent residency status’
  • Have not previously participated in a Graduate Nursing or Graduate Midwifery Program at a Victorian health service.(Exemption: Candidates who are currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery may have previously completed a Graduate Nursing Program. These candidates remain eligible to participate in the 2022 GNMP Match, but must ONLY nominate midwifery positions in their preference list.)
  • Completed a nursing and/or midwifery bachelor’s degree in the academic year – January 2022 to June 2023.

IMPORTANT: Course completion relates to when attendance of all academic subjects / placements are complete NOT graduation date or issue of exam results.

If you meet the above criteria then you are eligible to enter the 2022 match for 2023 positions.

2023 Mid-year graduates:If you are completing your course between January and June 2023 you may register in 2022 for mid-year positions in 2023. If you are unsuccessful then you can register again in the 2023 match for 2024 positions.

Q. Can I apply for a mid-year Graduate Program?

All graduate programs are included in the one match process held each year. There is no match process just for mid-year GNMPs. To be considered for a mid–year intake in 2023 you will need to participate in the 2022 Allocations & Placement process. Whilst the large majority of graduate programs commence from January – March 2023, there are some health services that offer a mid-year program between April to August 2023. Refer to the 2022 GNMP Multiple Intake Health Services document on the GNMP Match information page for details of which health services offer multiple intakes.

In addition, you can discuss with the health services directly before you apply. You will need to indicate which intake(s) you are interested in applying for on your cover letter / health service application forms.

Q. If I have applied for positions outside of the Match, am I still eligible to apply for the GNMP Match?

You can apply for a graduate position via the PMCV GNMP Match and also submit direct applications to private hospitals or interstate graduate programs. Please check the application process for other states in Australia as the GNMP Match is only for Victorian hospitals and health services.

You must choose between remaining in the GNMP Match or accepting a position outside of the Match before the final closing date to withdraw – 14 September 2022. If you remain in the Matching process after 14 September 2022 and have been matched to a health service, you would need to accept that position (re: Code of Conduct of Allocations & Placement Service).

Q. I’m completing my Bachelor in Midwifery and have previously done a grad year in nursing. Can I participate for midwifery grad year positions?

Yes, you can participate in the 2022 match for midwifery only roles commencing 2023. You are not eligible to re-register for nursing positions.

Q. I’m an international student. What can I do?

As an international student you can apply to private health services now. Then from 24th October, you will be eligible to apply directly for positions that will be published on the GNMP Match website page https://www.pmcv.com.au/2022-graduate-nurse-midwifery-program-match/. Registration is not required for these positions.

Q. Can I work as an RN or RM before starting my Grad year?

(Note: this question relates to whether the Health Service receives funding, it is not to do with the Match eligibility or PMCV. Advice is best sought from the Department of Health, PMCV has taken the following extract from the Training & Development funding guidelines).

For nurses and midwifes to be eligible for a Graduate Program, they must have either not worked as a registered nurse or midwife since registration, or worked less than 24 hours per week in the first year since registration (or less than 6 months full time equivalent). Working part-time or causal as an RN, for example, is usually fine. The exception is the nurse who has previously participated in a graduate nurse program has undertaken a postgraduate midwifery course delivered through a clinical placement model.

Q. I previously completed a EN graduate program. I’m now studying for my RN. Am I eligible to particpate?

Yes, you would be eligible to participate in an RN program as this is different to the EN Program previously completed.

Q. I’m on a partner visa and have applied for my permanent residency. Am I eligible to participate in the match?

You must have secured permanent residency by the close of the registration period, Friday 8th July, to be eligible to participate. If this is not guaranteed then you cannot apply for graduate positions through the match process. You’re options are to apply to private health services now and consider any positions we will advertise on the website from 24th October.

GNMP – Interviews2022-06-28T04:52:56+00:00

Q. Do I have to complete a video interview for the Match?

All candidates who have been approved to participate in the match process will have a button appear on their APS candidate dashboard once the interview process is open. This will be from 10am Monday 18 July until 5pm Wednesday 20 July.

The video interview recordings will be made available to the health services the candidate nominated in their preferences via the APS website. Some health services may do their own interview process separately to the Match ones or in addition to them.

The interview questions will vary depending on the health service streams a candidate has selected in their preferences. There will be different question sets relating to general nursing, midwifery, combined (dual degree) nursing and midwifery, mental health nursing and regional/rural/collaborative programs.

The questions will allow candidates to briefly outline their career intentions and goals, as well as responding to clinical scenarios that might occur if they were successful in obtaining a graduate program position.

Note: The recorded video interview is one component of the whole selection process. Health services will take into consideration your application, CV, cover letter and referee reports.

How many questions will I be asked?

The number of questions will vary between candidates. The video interview will be programmed to ask questions based on your preferences as at 8 July. e.g. nursing/midwifery/mental health/ rural & regional. Questions are not related to individual health services.

Here are two examples:

  • Nursing only streams in Metro location – 3 non-clinical questions + 1 nursing specific question = 4 questions in total
  • Nursing with mental health in a rural/regional location – 3 non-clinical questions + nursing specific question + 1 mental health question + 1 rural/regional question = 6 questions in total

How do I access the video link?

  • Once the video interview period is open
  • Sign into your PMCV Match account
  • The video interview button will be active in your application.

Do I get to practice?

During the interview period you will be able to test your technology and practice answering the question to familiarise yourself with the process.

Can I re-attempt my answers?

No, the only question you can re-do is the practice question. Once you start your interview you cannot re-attempt a question unless there has been a technical issue.

Does it matter what you wear?

This is the same as a job interview, please present yourself in a professional manner.

What if I have a technical problem during the interview?

You will be able to contact Vidcruiter via a chat button within the video platform, for assistance.

I am away at that time, what should I do?

Candidates only need access to WIFI and a phone/laptop so can complete from any where in any time zone. Please ensure you set aside time in your calendar, as it is your responsibility to undertake this process.

Can I tell the other students the types of questions?

No, this information is confidential as per the Code of Conduct you ticked in your initial application. By sharing this information, you may give them an advantage in this process.

Where can I find out more?

Watch the example Video Interview on the GNMP Match website page.

Please note this is an example only of the video process, the questions, number of questions and timely and not related to GNMP specifically.


GNMP – Match Results2022-05-25T04:47:44+00:00

Q. I am matched to a Health Service. What do I do now?

The health service will contact you in a day or two regarding your contract, roster, etc. You do not accept the position via PMCV.

Q. I didn’t get matched to my first preference and I don’t want to complete my graduate program where I am matched, what can I do?

Participation in the match signifies that you agree to abide by the results and accept the health service to which you have been matched.

You are advised not to list a health service in your preferences unless you are prepared to undertake your graduate program there.

There is no further round of offers available to you.

If you decline this offer you will not be eligible to receive any further offers from any health services that participate in the GNMP Match process in Victoria.

Q. I am unmatched. What do I do now?

If you are unmatched in the first round you will automatically be transferred to a second round match where you have the opportunity to be considered for unmatched places. More information can be found in the Schedule of Dates document on the GNMP information page.

Once the second round match process is completed a list of remaining unmatched positions will be available via a link on the Allocations & Placement Service website from 24 October 2022. Unmatched candidates and candidates who were previously not eligible can apply for these places by contacting the health services directly. Registration with PMCV is not required for these positions.

GNMP – Match specifics2022-05-25T05:07:10+00:00

Q. How does the Matching process work?

Health service rankings and candidate preferences determine the outcome of the match in conjunction with the number of positions available at each health service.

Candidates are ranked by health services based on merit. Ranking of candidates is the sole responsibility of the employing health service concerned.

The matching algorithm is used to match candidates’ preferences to health services’ rankings.

Each candidate can only be matched to one preference (one health service/program).

Q. I am a Victorian Distance Education student, what documents do I need to upload?

PMCV require you to upload a letter from your University or a single piece of evidence that can confirm both your contact details including your Victorian address and that you are currently studying with them through a Distance Education (online) program.

GNMP – Positions available2022-05-25T04:52:38+00:00

Q. Where can I find information about the Health Services in the Match?

Refer to the Health Service Directories from the GNMP Match Information page for more information.

Q. Do all Health Services in Victoria participate in the GNMP Match?

Most public and some private hospitals and health services in Victoria participate in the annual GNMP Matching process. The PMCV does not have a list of private health services that do not participate in the Match. Please contact individual private health services for more information.

Q. What positions are offered in the GNMP Match?

This Match includes Nursing, Mental Health, Combined Nursing/Mental Health, Midwifery and Combined Nursing/Midwifery Program positions in Victoria. Eligible nursing, midwifery and dual degree nursing & midwifery final year students, plus students studying a postgraduate diploma in midwifery can participate in this process.

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