The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. administers the Allocation and Placement Service on behalf of the Victorian health services who offer Victorian Radiology Registrar Positions and to candidates applying for these posts. The Service is conducted at the request of the Victorian Radiology Directors of Training.

Radiology Registrar Match

Radiology Registrar Match

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Match Current Stage

Applications Closed



Applications Open


Applications Close

Applications will not be considered if the fee has not been paid by this date


Final day for References

Final day for candidates to submit applications direct to Health Services

Final day for referee assessment forms to be submitted


Health Services’ Selection Process/Interviews

Health Services access candidate details who nominated that health service as a preference and conduct interviews.


Match Closes

Final day for candidates to reorder/delete preferences

Final day to withdraw from the Radiology Match


Offers Published

Match results are available to candidates and hospital administrators via PMCV Allocation and Placement website login.

Reading Material

Code of conduct

Essential Reading

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Business Rules

Match participation rules and responsibilities

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Candidate Guide

How to instructions related to the Match

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Schedule of Dates

Important dates during the Match process

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Health Service Directory

Listing of participating health services and contact information

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Interview Dates

Schedule of health services interview dates

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Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to enter the Victorian Radiology Registrar Match a candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Australian or New Zealand trained medical graduate, or international medical graduate, holding “General” medical registration; and
  • have completed a minimum of two full years in an approved hospital as an intern/resident, at the time of commencement of radiology training.



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