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PMCV will administer the Basic Physician Training 1 (BPT1) Match on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health.

Successful candidates will be required to register with The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).

This page will be updated regularly and applications to participate in the Match will be via the Allocation and Placement Service.

Key Dates

Match Applications Open

17 June 2024

Match Applications Close

5 July 2024

Results Published

31 July 2024

Accept Allocation Close

2 August 2024

To be eligible for RACP BPT1 you must have:

  • Current general medical registration in Australia or New Zealand
  • Satisfactorily completed at least one intern year (PGY1+)

Ineligible Candidates

The following candidates are not eligible to apply for an internship in Victoria:

  • All candidates who do not satisfy any of the eligibility criteria outlined above.
  • Candidate who has received and accepted a pre-match offer at a Victorian Health Service.
  • International Medical Graduates who do not have General Registration with AHPRA.

Reading Material


FAQs will be added throughout the Match process

Pre Match Offers2024-02-15T15:10:27+11:00

Q. Can I receive a pre-match offer at another Health Service than the one where I am currently employed?

No, pre-Match offers are for internal appointments only, i.e., a doctor working in a Victorian health service in 2024 continuing with the same employing health service in 2025.

The only exception is as follows:

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) do not employ interns. RCH are permitted to make pre-match offers to doctors not currently employed at that health service. Please note that RCH pre-match offers are reported to the PMCV. If you have accepted a pre-match offer with RCH and enter the HMO Match, this will be reported to RCH.

Q. If I have been offered a pre-match, can I enter the Match as well?

If you have signed a contract for a pre-match offer, you are unable to enter the Match, unless it is not a like for like positions, for example you have accepted a general PGY2 offer but are applying to enter the BPT match.

If candidates identified as holding a pre-match offer enter the Match, the candidate will be made ineligible to participate.

Q. I have verbally been offered a position but I have not been given a contact or I have a contract but have not signed it. Is this still considered an offer?

Contracts should be issued and signed for it to be a binding offer. Please speak to your Health Service as soon as possible if you have not received a contract, or you do not wish to accept the pre-match offer you have received.

Q. What if I don’t want to accept a pre-match offer and go into the Match instead?

You need to advise the Health Service making the offer that your preference is to enter the Match. You should not sign a contract. Some health services may permit you to hold a pre-match offer and participate in the Match, but you must discuss this with the health service. If you do enter the Match and you are allocated to a position, you will be bound to accept the matched position and forfeit your pre-match offer

BPT 1 Application2024-02-27T13:05:20+11:00

Q. If I do not receive a BPT1 position and apply to the PGY2 match, do I need to list my referees twice?

No, If you are unmatched in the BPT Match, when you apply to the PGY2 Match, contact PMCV on allocations@pmcv.com.au and we will manually transfer the information into the Match for you.

Q. I am an IMG temporary resident with General Registration; can I apply to the BPT1 Match?

Yes, you can apply to BPT positions as an IM<G with current General Registration with AHPRA.

Q. Do I have to enter all 8 Health Service preferences for my application to be valid?

No, you do not need to enter all 8 preferences. Candidates must enter at least 1 Health Service preference. However, the more preferences you enter, the greater chance you have of being allocated a position.

Q. Who can I nominate as my referee?

You must nominate 2 referees and have an option to nominate a third referee if you wish. If nominating 3 referees, at least 2 must be consultants and 1 may be a registrar. The referees must have directly supervised you in clinical practice, preferably in the last 12 months.

Q. Can all Health Service see the information I have entered in my application?

No, only the Health Service you have preferenced can see your information.

Q. How long do I have to accept my allocated position?

If you are allocated a position, you will have 48 hours to accept or decline the offer. If you decline the offer, you will not receive any further offers in the BPT1 Match.

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