PMCV seeks to improve the educational and training opportunities available to support the welfare and career development of doctors, who have recently graduated or commenced work in the Victorian health system. Through our work, we aspire to promote safe, high-quality and accessible healthcare and a sustainable, highly motivated and effective health workforce. All health services in Victoria with PGY1/PGY2 training programs and posts must be accredited by PMCV.

This survey is confidential to PMCV, results are not released to health service, however themes from the collated Prevocational Doctor questionnaires will be used to assist the Accreditation process. Your comments and thoughts are vital to PMCV’s assessment of this health service.

We are seeking your feedback on the rotation(s) you have completed.

Please complete the survey for your current rotation only.

If you would like to comment on your previous rotation/s, please complete a survey for each applicable.

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