Accreditation Status

The PMCV through the Accreditation Committee, recommends accreditation status in terms of number and description of posts, type and level of accreditation to the PMCV Board and through to the Victorian Board of the Medical Board of Australia.

The recommendations of the survey team included within the survey report cover status and duration of accreditation as well as suggestions for improvement.

Accreditation is approved for a facility for both the prevocational medical training program and for specific intern and PGY2 posts.

The duration of accreditation may be four years (with or without conditions) or 12 months and is notified to the facility within three months of the survey visit. The facility receives a copy of the survey report with recommendations and they are requested to respond within one month.  The response is considered at the next Accreditation Committee meeting, when decisions are ratified and/or appropriate action is taken.

Note that accreditation outcomes may be communicated to other facilities (e.g. parent health services for rotation site accreditation outcomes) or other postgraduate medical councils for cross-border accreditation processes.

Cross-border prevocational placement accreditation

A facility may appeal against the accreditation status awarded by Council following a survey visit.  
Appeals of Accreditation Decisions Policy