Learn to communicate with confidence

– for better outcomes during clinical exams, when speaking with patients and when interacting with colleagues

About the Program

Communicating with Confidence is a non-clinical course designed to help you develop the skills and techniques required when working in challenging situations, such as performing in an OSCE or interviewing for medical professional  roles within the Australian Healthcare System.

Participants will participate in a unique learning experience which explores techniques such as voice, breathing and strategies for improved confidence and thinking on your feet,  to provide knowledge and skills transferable to use in the everyday workplace environment.

Assumed Knowledge

This course assumes you to meet current AHPRA Registration requirements for English literacy or equivalent. The content will require participants to adapt the English language using techniques such as paraphrasing, rephrasing or substituting words, sentences and ideas.

Learning Outcomes

Effective breathing and vocal strategies for communication 

By the end of this component, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate increased confidence in your vocal control
  2. Safely release nervous energy
  3. Understand and demonstrate how to optimise your breathing and speech
  4. Understand how to use breathing and speech more effectively
Non-verbal cues, cadence and timing  

By the end of this component, participants will be able to:

  1. Enhance self-awareness
  2. Use effective body language to communicate
  3. Observe and note the body language of others
  4. Use effective strategies to modulate cadence of communication
  5. Use pause and emphasis to enhance delivery of communication
  6. Apply flexibility and range in communication styles
Communicating on the spot 

By the end of this component, participants will be able to:

  1. Use effective strategies to communicate promptly during challenging situations
  2. Apply strong organisation skills when setting up environments for communication.
  3. Effectively engage in two-way conversations when communicating with both individuals and/or groups
  4. Identify impact on others during a conversation

Upcoming Courses

Communicating with Confidence – General

This is the generic version of the workshop and is aimed for all junior doctors. It is particularly useful for those wanting to improve confidence during clinical exams, conference presentations or when interacting with teams.

Coming Soon
Communicating with Confidence – for IMGs

This version of the workshop has been specifically designed to support the needs of International Medical Graduates (IMGs). Course participants achieve the same learning outcomes as those in the general course, but activities have been slightly modified to meet different learning needs.

Coming Soon
More Information

More information coming soon

Coming Soon

Please see below for workshop cost

Communicating Under Pressure Workshop$400 AUD + Booking Fee (*GST inclusive)

Important Registration Information 

Communicating with Confidence currently needs to be delivered in-person; this is the most effective method for this type of training.

All workshops are delivered at PMCV’s offices, Melbourne CBD. However, if you are interested in receiving this workshop delivered at your worksite, please contact PMCVeducation@pmcv.com.au so that we can provide a tailored package for your requirements.

A minimum of 9 participants are required for this program to be delivered.

This program is open to medical practitioners, including those responsible for delivering medical education in healthcare, such as MEOs and HMOs.

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Refund Policy

Registration will be refunded for cancellation up to 7 days prior to the event. Registration will not be refunded for cancellation of less than 7 days or non-attendance.

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