Clarification of concerns and issues

When concerns are raised, they may be very specific but more commonly they are a vague sense of the person isn’t performing at the expected standard. In order to make a diagnosis and to provide quality feedback specific details regarding the performance need to be obtained. The use of the diagnostic framework can assist in clarifying the concerns that have been raised.

Meeting with the doctor

Meeting the doctor will often be a difficult conversation. It is important that it is approached with a genuine enquiry and desire to assist the intern.

An important part of the investigation into a struggling learner includes an assessment of the system. System factors that may predispose to a poorly performing doctor include;

  • The information contained in the ROVER should be updated to ensure that doctors understand their roles, responsibilities and reporting lines
  • Orientation to environment and particularly the IT systems is important to allow for the doctor to work optimally
  • Unit expectations should be reviewed to make sure they are reasonable and understood by the doctor
  • Supervision should be ensured and provided by trained and competent supervisors
  • The unit workload should be reviewed to ensure that the work can be achieved in the time allocated
  • The roster needs to be in line with the EBA

The general principles of the conversation follow guidelines for giving feedback.

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