Policies, procedures and documentation

The overarching principles for remediation is the need for ensuring patient safety as well as transparency and fairness to the doctor.

Each employer will have local policies and procedures relating to professional conduct and grievances.

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Intern review panel

All interns who have been identified as struggling or not reaching the required standard and/or doctors who are working on a modified roster need to be reviewed by a multi-disciplinary team to review and discuss the needs and progress of doctors.

This panel is convened in accordance with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) guidelines for intern education and training. This panel provides oversight and monitoring of all assessment processes for interns, reviews any concerns and complaints about the performance or conduct of interns and makes recommendations for remediation of poor performance to the Director of Medical Services.
The membership of the panel may include:

  • A senior clinician with experience in educating and training interns i.e a Director of Clinical Training (Chair)
  • Directors of Clinical Training
  • Manager, Doctors Workforce
  • Wellbeing Officer
  • Term Supervisor
  • Medical Education Officer