Mentoring Programs - Support Resources

Many Victorian hospitals have highly-regarded mentoring programs for interns. These programs, in line with mentoring models, involve interns as a protégé and more senior doctors with expertise in the knowledge and professionalism of working in a healthcare setting. The aim of this resource section is to provide support to health services/hospitals who are looking to establish a mentoring program by way of guidelines and sample mentor training materials as well as examples of mentoring programs currently being implemented within both metropolitan and regional/rural settings.


Guidelines on Mentoring programs


These guidelines were developed by consensus of junior doctors within the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Junior Medical Officer Forum and the Australian Medical Association of Victoria Doctors in Training Subdivision. They aim to provide suggestions for the further implementation and optimisation of such programs.


Setting up a Mentoring Program

Below you will find access to sample training slides and an accompanying handbook that could be incorporated as part of a Mentor training program. Key content and topics include:

  • What is mentoring?
  • Benefits of Mentoring: for the Mentee, Mentor and Health Service
  • Mentoring versus Supervision
  • A Framework for effective mentoring
  • Roles and Functions of the Mentor
  • Communication skills

Sample Slides Mentor training   Mentor training Handbook 1

Developed by the Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria in collaboration with Austin Health.


Mentoring Programs - Case Studies


Mentor programs case studies