Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) - for hospital-based positions.

The Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) was developed by the AMC in 2007 as part of a 2006 Council of Australian Governments' directive to ensure nationally consistent assessment of international medical graduates (IMGs).

UPDATE 13 November 2017

Effective from 13 November 2017, the Medical Board of Australia (the Board) will no longer require international medical graduates applying for registration to work in non-specialist hospital based positions to have a pre-employment structured clinical interview (PESCI).


PLEASE NOTE: The PMCV is NOT involved in the PESCI process for General Practice positions

Health Workforce Assessment Victoria (HWAV) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) conduct Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interviews (PESCIs) for IMGs wishing to obtain registration to enter General Practice.

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