Doctors Speak Up: A communication and language resource for junior doctors and international medical graduates.

doctors speak up

Developed by Health Care Communication Research, University of Melbourne

Effective communication is a core clinical skill essential for patient safety, patient satisfaction and optimal health outcomes. Doctors Speak Up is an interactive learning resource to develop communication and language skills for International Medical Graduates (IMG) from non-English speaking backgrounds who can face communication challenges in clinical practice. Based on recent Australian research into doctor-patient communication, the site includes videos on a range of cases (alcohol history, sexual history, depression, chronic pain) with activities designed to develop awareness and skills in areas of communication, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The CHEC resource: A resource for learning and teaching communication skills for emergency health care.

Developed by the University of Melbourne and University of Technology, Sydney

An interactive learning resource about communication in the Emergency Department developed for medical and nursing students.

chec website