Resources to build Cultural Competence


cultural diagnoses

Cultural Diagnoses: A communication based learning resource

The resource:

  •     Encourages doctors to become more self-aware of the cultural basis of some of their attitudes and behaviour and how these may differ from those of colleagues and patients.
  •     Presents a number of communication strategies to maximise cross cultural communication.

A workbook provides activities, questions for reflection and background information.


Available from:

Judith Miralles & Associates - Website

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culture mate    Judith Miralles & Associates


Culturally competent medical practice is now only a mouse click away with the Culture Mate website. An annual licence provides access to practical and evidence-based:


  • Learning resource with interactive case studies.
  • Targeted demographic data on the cultural makeup of specific localities.
  • Detailed snapshots (including migration history, cultural values and demographics) on all countries of birth represented in the latest Census.


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