The Wellbeing Champion Award is an award created by PMCV and JMO Victoria.

It was created in the midst of COVID19 as an avenue to cultivate a culture of POSITIVITY, GRATITUDE and SUPPORT for junior doctors across Victoria. The Wellbeing Champion Award will be presented to an intern, resident and registrar who have made contributions to the wellbeing of their colleagues. Feel free to venture outside of the criteria box and nominate anyone you believe deserves recognition for their efforts and kindness.

Initiated in 2020 under ‘Wellbeing and Emotional Support for JMOs during COVID19’ project

Team Members: Manisha Koppa, Rachel Cheong, Brad Wittmer, Jennifer Nguyen, Christina Guo, Tessa Low, Hezekiah Stratton


  • Create a safe environment for doctors to speak up about their emotions 
  • Encourage doctors to look out for their fellow colleagues and to genuine listen to others 
  • Reward those who go the extra mile to provide support for others
  • Foster a culture of gratitude within medicine: to be grateful to those who care, provide emotional support and uplift others’ wellbeing 

Wellbeing Champion 2020


  • Intern: Dr Brooke Healey 
  • Resident: Dr Gaby Bolton 
  • Registrar: Dr Nardine Elzahaby

Received a total of 147 nominations in 2020! 

Wellbeing Champion 2021


  • Intern: Dr Harvey Chong from Goulburn Valley Health
  • Resident: Dr Joshua Kelly from Mildura Base Public Hospital
  • Registrar: Dr Amelia Scharkie from St Vincent’s Hospital

Honorary Mentions: Available Here

Wellbeing Champion Winners