2018 Projects

Standardised PGY2 Education program

This project involves developing a recommendation for a state-wide, standardised PGY2 Education program.

Statewide professionalism curriculum

This project involves developing a statewide professionalism curriculum, based on our previously developed scenario-based content to be delivered by health services in a workshop setting.

Welfare App / Website

This project aims to collate information on the range of welfare resources available to JMOs/doctors in Victoria, including Healthcare service specific resources and use the collected information to update the JMO forum welfare online resources (website) and develop a user-friendly mobile app targeted toward Victorian doctors/medical students.

Specialty Training Guide

This project aims to create a free, accessible and comprehensive resource identifying the requirements for each specialty program for medical student and junior doctors to help with their career planning.

Dynamics between medical students and junior doctors

This project will involve exploring the expectations of junior doctors and medical students in the doctor-student relationship, and will involve a survey as a data collection tool.

Research Guide

This project aims to establish support for junior doctors to undertake research and develop a guide in regards to this. It will involve looking at existing guides and consulting senior doctors with expertise in the area. In future, the potential also exists for the establishment of a group/community where doctors can be a part of in seeking support or research opportunities.

Accreditation Intern Core Training Requirements

This project aims to facilitate the achievement of core training requirements in Medicine, Surgical and Emergency Medicine rotations for interns. This could be achieved through a self-reflective log book for interns, and creating goals oriented checklist that interns can complete with their supervisors. It will involve a literature search of current United Kingdom and New Zealand guidelines

Development of a Doctor Wellbeing poster

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