– once registered, candidates nominate the Health Service positions they wish to be considered for, in order of their preference. The number of Health Service positions you can preference depends on the match rules.

Once you have begun your match registration process, you will need to add in a preference list, which is the rank order from most preferred to least preferred, of the health services where you wish to work.

There are two main parts to this page. The Your Preferences section shows the amount of preferences you are able to add, which depends on the match type. As you add preferences, these will be displayed in this section, allowing you to reorder or remove them. Note that each match has schedule dates which have certain cut offs; e.g. in many matches, candidates can add new preferences up to a certain date, after which they are only able to reorder (but not add new ones).

The second section displays all of the Health Service streams for your match. The streams represent each role type included in the match, such as “Aged Care” in a Graduate Nurse Midwifery Program, or “HMO2 – Surgical” in the HMO / BPT1 / BPT2 match. The Health Service offering this stream is also shown, and you can find out more about each stream’s application requirements by accessing the Health Service Directory.

To find particular stream types or health services, you can use the search bar and drop down filter at the top of the list.