PMCV’s Prevocational Supervisor Training package comprises of seven training videos, supplementary materials such as guidelines, position descriptions and templates, and links to resources published by the AMC.

Under the AMC’s National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training, health services are required to offer training and support for Term Supervisors, Primary Clinical Supervisors and Day-to-day Clinical Supervisors to address any identified knowledge or skill gaps [1].

The PMCV Accreditation Committee and the National Framework Steering Committee have endorsed that the Prevocational Supervision Training Package is utilised by all Victorian Prevocational Supervisors.

Please note that the required training must be completed within three years. PMCV will be monitoring the uptake of the modules with health services.

Below are the seven videos that complete the Training Package:

The Entrustable Professional Activities training module will be available in the coming months.

This table shows the mandatory training requirements for each Prevocational Supervision role in Victoria.

Delivery Format

There are three different ways to access the package:

  1. Learners can access the videos via their health service Learning Management Systems (LMS) and uptake may be monitored at the local level.
  2. Learners who do not have access to their health service LMS can also access the videos directly by completing the below request form.
  3. If health services would prefer to deliver the training face-to-face at their health services, a facilitated slide deck can be requested. Please note, that the facilitated slide deck is best delivered by a staff member who has already familiarized themselves with the Framework, such as a DCT or SiT.

You can request Prevocational Supervision Training Package resources below:

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Below you will find Position Descriptions for the Prevocational Supervision roles identified in the training material:

PMCV would like to thank the Australian Medical Council and the many other contributors for their support in the development of these training materials.