A Primary Clinical Supervisor is the consultant who leads the team within your unit. In busy units, this person often changes partway during the term.

A Day-to-day Clinical Supervisor is often the team registrar, but can also be a consultant in charge of that shift.

Required Training

All Victorian Primary and Day-to-Day Clinical Supervisors must complete Understanding the Framework, Clinical Supervision and the AMC’s EPA module . Please contact your Health Service to access these videos or request access to the training resources here.

Please note that the mandatory modules must be completed within three years, however it is recommended that you complete them prior to the start of the2024 clinical year. PMCV will be monitoring the uptake of the modules with health services. The AMC’s EPA module must be completed prior to observing an EPA from 2025.

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Additional Resources

PMCV’s Primary Clinical Supervisor Position Description

PMCV’s Day-to-Day Clinical Supervisor Position Description

AMC’s Guide to Prevocational Training in Australia for Supervisors

AMC’s Beginning of Term Discussion Template

AMC’s Term assessment form to support paper-based use

AMC’s EPA 1 assessment form to support paper-based use

AMC’s EPA 2 assessment form to support paper-based use

AMC’s EPA 3 assessment form to support paper-based use

AMC’s EPA 4 assessment form to support paper-based use

Cultural Safety

All supervisors role-model cultural safety in practice. It is your role to continually improve your understanding of cultural safety, to engage the skills and expertise of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health professionals in your work, and to seek professional development opportunities related to cultural safety. Your workplace may have an Aboriginal Health Unit or Aboriginal Liaison Services.

If not, you can consult external organization, the: