What is Accreditation?

  • Accreditation is a structured review process conducted by PMCV of all intern and PGY2 rotations at each health service.
  • To make sure each post meets safe and appropriate training requirements.
  • PMCV completes site visits at each Health service every 4 years (minimum) and reviews conditional approvals intermittently

YOU are the most important person in this process

  • Ensures safe working environment for junior doctors 
  • Ensures junior doctors are receiving adequate education, improves patient safety and JMO wellbeing

What is Assessed? 

WE SAY SO identifies how accreditation standards affect HMOs and how PMCV and JMO Victoria can support JMOs during their training experience.

  • Wellbeing & Safety

  • Education

  • Supervision

  • Assessment & Feedback

  • Your Voice

  • Satisfaction

  • Orientation

What are Accreditation Site Visits?

  • Accredited Site Surveyors who have undergone training, visit Austin Health.
  • Surveyors will meet with various staff throughout the day(s)
    • Management/executives/training supervisors etc
    • Interns
    • PGY2s
  • Small focus groups will take place to discuss essential aspects of accreditation, aspects of training that are working well or need improvement
  • Surveyors will assess “conditions” from previous site visits

What happens after an Accreditation Site Visit?

  • A Health Service report is compiled, detailing the overall assessment by Domain and standards of accreditation.
  • This will include whether standards are Met with Merit, Met, Substantially Met or Not Met.
  • There are 60 standards of Accreditation of prevocational training.
  • A standard that is NOT MET becomes a CONDITION of Accreditation
  • A standard that is SUBSTANTIALLY MET becomes a RECOMMENDATION of Accreditation.

Accreditation Reports

Following each Survey Visit to a Health Service, a summary report on the outcomes of the visit will be published on the PMCV website. This report will be updated following the mid-cycle review.

Current Projects

Swing Tag Project

Accreditation Awareness Swing-tag Project

This project aims to educate JMOs regarding the importance of accreditation in their day-to-day working lives. With the support of the PMCV Accreditation Team, we are creating a “swipe-card” sized ‘graphic which JMOs can carry with them at work, which reminds them of the standards that they should be expected for each rotation, and the appropriate means of escalation.

  • How do I access sick leave, annual leave and conference leave? 
  • Are there pathways to report bullying and harassment?
  • Do I feel safe?
    • Scope of expected practice
    • Free from harassment and bullying
  • Does my roster reflect the required workload?
  • Do I know what teaching and education is available?
  • Is there at least 1 hour a week of protected teaching time?
  • Does each unit offer work based teaching? Eg. teaching on rounds
  • Do I know who my supervisor is for this rotation?
  • Is there a pathway for clinical escalation?
  • Do I feel comfortable escalating to my seniors?

Did I receive mid and end of term feedback in person?

  • Does your health service offer feedback forums/advisory committees for JMOs?
  • Are you given time to access these sessions?
  • Do you have overall job satisfaction?
  • Would you recommend your health service to others?
  • Did the health service offer adequate orientation at the commencement of your contract?
  • Did/do you receive orientation to each new unit you rotate to?
  • Did I receive a Term Description including 
    • Roster
    • Term orientation
    • Important contacts eg. supervisors
    • Unit expectations and scope of practice