Education and Training

The Education and Training Portfolio has expanded to better support the ongoing rollout of two of our largest projects, the Medical Educator Model (MEM) and the Specialty Pathway Portal (SPP).

Specialty Pathway Portal (SPP)

The SPP aims to be a one-stop resource to review training opportunities and requirements for all specialities within Victoria.  

The SPP Working Group continues to maintain the resource, collect feedback, and explore opportunities for new iterations of the platform.

Medical Educators Model (MEM)

The MEM is a near-peer teaching initiative which links junior medical staff that are interested in teaching with medical students that are keen to learn. It continues to run successfully at Monash and St Vincent’s Health and is currently working with the Epworth, Austin, Peninsula, Alfred, and Eastern Health’s to support them with their ongoing rollout. Tutorials are scheduled via an online spreadsheet coordinated by the Health Service, however, takes significant time to maintain.

Our primary goal for 2023 is to create an online platform to host the MEM, We are currently in the process of developing this with the ongoing support of the PMCV.

JMO Medical Educator Model

Prevocational doctors “learn by teaching”. In this model, prevocational doctors teach medical students through an innovative and comprehensive online management platform. Doctors can plan and advertise tutorials, and medical students can request topics and sign up to tutorials which interest them. Students leave feedback for their tutors to help them develop their skills. The model encompasses bedside teaching, online classes and practical skills sessions.

JMO Curriculum

 We will be developing a draft of the expected education and learning that junior doctors (particularly interns/HMO2s) should receive. This will be based partly on previous work done in NSW.

JMO Education Resource

After development of the JMO curriculum, we will reach out to health services across the state to collate gold standard education resources (slides, documents, videos, tutorials, lectures) in line with the curriculum.

JMO Companion App

The JMO Companion App will be a free, quality-assured, mobile WebApp designed specifically for the needs of JMOs, to provide enhanced learning opportunities and access to evidence-based guidelines to enable them to confidently and safely respond to various inpatient encounters in real time. The project aims to fill a gap in the landscape of resources, which while extensive, can be disorienting, difficult to access or navigate, and not always tailored to the needs of JMOs working demanding shifts.

The project is a joint operation between Teaching for Impact (TFI), a not-for-profit organisation that aims to bring out change in the community through education, and JMO Vic/PMCV. We have agreed that while TFI will lead the development of the project, PMCV and JMO Vic will own the final product.

The content is being created by a team of writers consisting of JMOs and final year medical students. To ensure accuracy and adherence to best practice, the content is being synthesised exclusively from existing evidence based resources and is being vetted by consultants and senior medical registrars.

The platform hosting this content will be a web app which is currently being developed by TFI. Use of the app will require input of basic user information (e.g. year of graduation, hospital, etc). Analysis of app usage also presents unique opportunities to gain insights into the current educational needs of JMOs enabling targeted modifications to the app and inform other educational interventions.