Specialty Pathway Portal (SPP)

The SPP aims to be a one-stop resource to review training opportunities and requirements for all specialities within Victoria.  

The SPP Working Group continues to maintain the resource, collect feedback, and explore opportunities for new iterations of the platform.

Medical Educators Model (MEM)

The MEM is a near-peer teaching initiative which links junior medical staff that are interested in teaching with medical students that are keen to learn. It continues to run successfully at Monash and St Vincent’s Health and is currently working with the Epworth, Austin, Peninsula, Alfred, and Eastern Health’s to support them with their ongoing rollout. Tutorials are scheduled via an online spreadsheet coordinated by the Health Service, however, takes significant time to maintain.

The MEM was initially planned to become a bespoke platform across all Victorian Health Services to enable an on-demand style of tutorials, however due to increasing costs this has been postponed for the foreseeable future.

JMO Curriculum

We are developing a draft of the expected education and learning that prevocational doctors (particularly interns/HMO2s) should receive. This will be based partly on previous work done in NSW. There has been significant input from senior clinicians in designing the curriculum in collaboration with the PMCV and we aim to create a standard set of learning objectives for prevocational training programs across Victoria to ensure equal opportunity to education across the state. 

JMO Education Resource

After development of the JMO curriculum, we will reach out to health services across the state to collate gold standard education resources (slides, documents, videos, tutorials, lectures) in line with the curriculum.

PMCV Education Courses

One of the roles of the Education team at JMO Victoria is to provide stakeholder input into the various courses that PMCV offer, many of which are partially aimed at prevocational doctors. This is an ongoing collaboration between PMCV and JMO Victoria.