The Welfare pillar was created in the midst of COVID19 as an avenue to cultivate a culture of POSITIVITY, GRATITUDE and SUPPORT for junior doctors across Victoria.


  • Create a safe environment for doctors to speak up about their emotions 
  • Encourage doctors to look out for their fellow colleagues and to genuine listen to others 
  • Reward those who go the extra mile to provide support for others
  • Foster a culture of gratitude within medicine: to be grateful to those who care, provide emotional support and uplift others’ wellbeing 


A number of new initiatives are planned in 2024 for the Welfare pillar.

  • Intern Survey – to identify the most challenging aspects of the transition to medical practice in the first weeks to months and then develop resources aimed specifically at targeting these aspects.
  • Business Partnerships – to provide exclusive discounts for Victorian JMOs with relevant businesses/organisations
  • Social Events – an exclusive social event later in the year is planned for a pilot run to encourage socialisation between health services; stay tuned!