IMG Key Information Overview

JMO Victoria has developed a new resource to assist International Medical Graduates (IMGs) in navigating the Australian medical system.
Check out our Key Information Overview Guide for information on Visas, Registration, the 10-year moratorium, and the Standard Pathway!

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Allocation and Placement FAQ

This is a live document, listing all the frequently asked questions and answers regarding the PMCV-coordinated Allocation and Placement Service (APS). 

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Specialty Pathways Portal

The Specialty Pathways Portal is an online, open-access digital resource to assist medical students and pre-vocational junior medical officers (JMOs) in navigating the selection of their vocational specialty training pathway, and allow them to make an informed decision into the selection requirements and training expectations of each postgraduate specialty training college.

This resource has been developed by JMOs for JMOs.

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Junior Medical Officer’s Basic Guide to Research

This guide aims to acknowledge the difficulties in doing research as a junior doctor and medical student. With this in mind, we hope this guide serves as a quick introduction to what is research and tips in getting involved. We hope through reading this guide, you will be able to gain more of an understanding to the basics of research and be encouraged to take a leap forward in your contribution to research. We wish everyone all the very best with their own endeavour of research!

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