PMCV Team Members

Julie Faoro
Julie Faoro Chief Executive Officer
Sheila Bryan
Sheila Bryan Medical Advisor
Victoria Fara
Victoria FaraManager, Accreditation
Rebecca Wilde
Rebecca WildeManager, Accreditation
Lucy McEwan
Lucy McEwanAccreditation Finance Officer
Inas El Kady
Inas El KadyEducation & Training Manager
Helen Singer
Helen Singer Allocation & Placement Service Manager
Jini-BadanjekOperations Coordinator
Jordan Hay
Jordan HayDigital Marketing Coordinator
Jenny Smith
Jenny SmithAPS Coordinator - VRGP Program
Meredith Soldatovic
Meredith SoldatovicAPS Coordinator - RACP ATSM
Jackie Richards
Jackie Richards APS Coordinator
Andrew Rose
Andrew RoseAPS Coordinator
Sarah Ford
Sarah FordCentral Medical Education Officer
Korian Strakosch
Korian StrakoschStrategic Projects Manager

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