Resources for Health Services

PMCV strives to provide Victorian health services with as much up-to-date information about the Accreditation process for PGY1 and PGY2 positions as possible. Below you will find some resources that cover a variety of topics surrounding the PMCV Accreditation process.

PMCV Clinical Learning for JMO Guidelines
PMCV Clinical Supervision of Junior Doctors Guidelines 
PMCV Conditions Monitoring Process (CMP) for Health Services 
PMCV Performance Management Guidelines for JMOs 
Letter to PMCV from Medical Board of Australia (MBA) regarding Revised PGY1 Registration Standard 
MBA Registration Standard for granting general registration on completion of PGY1 training 
MBA Transitional Arrangements for PGY1 doctors 
PMCV Accreditation Appeals Policy
Improving Performance Action Plan Template (PDF)
Improving Performance Action Plan Template (Word Doc)
PMCV Guideline for Effective Medical Education Units
Accreditation Concern Escalation Process

What we do

PMCV seeks to improve the educational and training opportunities available to support the welfare and career development of doctors, graduate nurses and midwives who have recently graduated or commenced work in the Victorian health system.