A Term Description is required for all accredited terms undertaken by Prevocational Doctors which are interns (PGY1) and PGY2s (HMOs).

The purpose of the term description is to provide high-level information to Prevocational Doctors regarding operational aspects of the term, important contacts and what they can expect to experience during the term regarding clinical learning and the development of their clinical skills.Term Descriptions should be accompanied by a ROVER (Rolling-handOVER document, prepared by and updated by Prevocational Doctors) and Unit Orientation Guides.

Term Descriptions are different to position descriptions in that the latter is often concerned with the overall role and responsibilities in relation to the Health Service and can often be generic for employment groups. In contrast, the term description is a document prepared and provided to Prevocational Doctors with specific information on the term they are about to undertake.

On the 31st of March 2023, PMCV launched the NFPMT Implementation Checklist, a digital mechanism to allow for seamless upload of completed Term Descriptions for PMCV review.

If you require access to this system, please email accreditation@pmcv.com.au

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