Ensuring health services are supporting effective training outcomes and the wellbeing of their Prevocational Doctors.

It’s important that prevocational doctors undergo the best training possible in their early careers to ensure their success in the future. It’s also important to provide a safe and well-supervised environment for prevocational doctors to learn in.  

When Accreditation standards aren’t upheld, prevocational doctors suffer the consequences, which may include poor supervision, unpaid overtime, and insufficient teaching time. This is why the accreditation process is so important. 

PMCV is approved as a PGY1 training accreditation authority by the Medical Board of Australia and is required by the Department of Health to quality review Postgraduate Year Two (PGY2) programs and posts. 

Below is a diagram of the PMCV Accreditation Cycle:

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What goes into accrediting medical programs?

Accreditation is the process in which a Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) Accreditation authority oversees the training programs that prevocational doctors participate in to ensure that they continue to support effective training outcomes and promote safe patient care and junior doctor wellbeing. 

In Victoria, all PGY1 training programs and posts must be accredited by PMCV, and all PGY2 programs and posts must be reviewed by PMCV. This process involves concurrent Accreditation Survey Visits at least every four years as well as Accreditation progress reviews during the Accreditation period. 

PMCV enforces Accreditation Standards in healthcare, and if the required Accreditation Standards aren’t met, PMCV steps in to ensure that the relevant health services address the issue and implement change. 

The PMCV Accreditation Program aims to promote excellence in prevocational medical clinical training, appropriate education and learning experiences, effective supervision of and appropriate support for prevocational doctors, and quality and safety of patient care. 

Prevocational Accreditation

Australian Medical Council Review of PMCV as a PGY1 Authority.

The purpose of the Australian Medical Council’s (AMC) accreditation is to recognise PGY1 training programs that promote and protect the quality and safety of patient care and meet the needs of the PGY1s and the health service as a whole. This is achieved through setting standards for PGY1 training programs and recognising intern training accreditation authorities that assess programs against these standards.

Each PGY1 training accreditation authority undergoes a reaccreditation assessment by an AMC team at least every eight years and PMCV was reviewed in July 2023.

As part of this process of accreditation, the AMC invites stakeholders to provide feedback on the work of the accreditation authority. PMCV has provided, to the AMC, an accreditation submission addressing the Intern training – Domains for assessing accreditation authorities.The last accreditation report was completed by the AMC in November 2023 and PMCV has been approved as a PGY1 training accreditation body.

Help us support Prevocational Doctors by completing our Feedback Questionnaire

Whilst we review all prevocational doctor posts on a regular schedule to ensure that health services are meeting accreditation standards for training, we encourage prevocational doctors to come forward with feedback at any time. This will allow us to act much more quickly and work together with prevocational doctors to create change within their health service. 

All questionnaire responses are dealt confidentially and anonymously. 

Information for Prevocational Doctors and Health Services

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