The National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training (NFPMT) is a two-year national program that is designed to support and strengthen the learning experiences of Prevocational Doctors. 
In Victoria, PGY1 components will be implemented in 2024, whereas PGY2 components will be implemented in 2025.

Resources to help you understand your prevocational training journey

Video – Introduction to PMCV and the National Framework

Video – Key Roles at your Health Service

Video – Term Objectives and Assessments

Video – How to Engage with Supervisors as a Prevocational Doctor

2024 PGY1 Program Structure  

To meet the requirements towards general registration, prevocational doctors must: 

  • Complete a minimum 47 weeks 
  • Gain exposure to all four clinical experiences  
  • Complete PGY1 within 3 years 
  • Meet all of the prevocational outcome statements by the end of the prevocational year 
    • Supplementary evidence will need to be provided if an outcome statement was unable to be achieved during the year (e.g., course attendance) 
  • Undergo a mid-term and end-of-term assessment each term  

Key Components of the Framework

Clinical Experiences

Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) / Observed Practice

Term Discussions and Assessments



YouTube: Career Doctor – Changes to Internship in Australia: Interview with Key Stakeholders


AMC Guide to prevocational training in Australia for PGY1 and PGY2 doctors

AMC Glossary of Terms 

AMC Prevocational Doctor Flyer