Beginning of Term Discussion

At the start of each term, you will meet with your Term Supervisor (or delegate) to: 

  • Understand the Term Description including the learning opportunities during the term, as well as which outcome statements could be achieved during the term 
  • Identify any specific skills and knowledge that you would like to gain and be assessed on during the term 
  • Confirm arrangements for you to attend formal education session 
  • Confirm arrangements for mid and end-of-term assessments 

Midterm and End-of-term Assessments

All prevocational doctors undergo midterm (generally around week 5) and end-of-term assessments every term. 

Midterm assessments are designed to provide timely feedback on your performance, to identify any specific learning needs that have emerged during the term and to discuss how they can be addressed. The mid-term assessment may be completed by your Term Supervisor or a registrar (with formal sign off by your Term Supervisor).  

End-of-term assessments will be completed by your Term Supervisor. The supervisor will assess whether you have met the learning objectives identified at the beginning of the term or midterm assessment. 

Midterm and end-of-term assessments will be completed using the national Prevocational Training Term Assessment Form.

Prevocational Outcome Statements

By the end of each year of prevocational training, you should be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge outlined in the AMC Prevocational Outcome Statements. 

Outcome statements are grouped in four domains: Practitioner, Professional and Leader, Health Advocate, and Scientist and Scholar.

Term Descriptions will outline the Prevocational Outcome statements that could be achieved during that term. If an outcome statement was unable to achieved during the prevocational year, you may be required to provide supplementary evidence (e.g., course attendance).

Assessment Review Panel

At the end of each prevocational year an Assessment Review Panel will meet to evaluate your end-of-term assessments, EPA assessments and any additional learning activities you have documents to determine if they recommend progression to the next stage of training.


AMC National Prevocational Training Term Assessment Form

Prevocational Outcome Statements

AMC Beginning-of-term discussion template and key written orientation points