Enhancing the medical education and training environment for medical prevocational trainees

PMCV delivers education, training, and Professional Development for leaders and practices wishing to improve their supervision and training skills.

When teaching and providing prevocational Medical Education and training to JMOs, Supervisors and facilities need to ensure that JMOs are supported and well-supervised in order to provide the best patient outcomes.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and JMOs are unable to receive the Medical Education and training that they’re entitled to. This is a stressful experience that can impact their career progression.

After identifying these challenges, we knew that there was a need for further training of senior staff. We saw an opportunity to link accreditation supervision training and requirements, and created clinical leadership and practice programs for supervisors and other senior medical staff.

Our Education & Training programs focus on intelligent supervision, and have become well-regarded, national programs that guarantee that supervisors are providing an optimal prevocational training environment for JMOs.

We have involved external stakeholders, such as the MEO and Supervisor network, JMO Victoria (formerly known as JMO Forum Victoria) and PMCV’s Education Committee, to ensure representation from all medical prevocational education stakeholders and craft groups.

All our programs and initiatives are achieved with consideration to the PMCV values: with agility, equity and through collaboration.

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Together with our stakeholders, the Education and Training team will enable, support, and advocate medical prevocational trainees by delivering

  • Centralising resources for MEOs and Supervisors.

  • Providing education and training for Supervisors, medical prevocational trainees and MEOs.

  • Supporting the implementation of the JMO Medical Educator model.

  • Engaging and supporting educational research and innovations.

Our medical education and training programs and courses

Our programs are developed in line with innovations in medical education and training to help increase confidence, knowledge, and practical skills in supervisors and other senior medical staff.

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Teaching on the Run (TOTR)

Improve your practical skills, knowledge, and overall confidence when delivering medical education and training.

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Communicating with Confidence (CWC)

Communicating with Confidence is a non-clinical course designed to help
you develop the skills and techniques required when working in
challenging situations, such as performing in a clinical exam, when speaking with a patient or when interacting with colleagues.

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Hitting the Ground Running (HTGR)

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) can support and orient themselves within the Australian healthcare system.

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What we do

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria actively seeks ways to improve the educational and training available to support the welfare and career development of doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals who have recently graduated or commenced work in Victoria.