Positive learning experiences for medical professionals.

PMCV delivers education, training, and professional development for Prevocational Doctors (PDs), clinical educators and supervisors of training.

When delivering prevocational medical education and training to PDs, clinical educators and supervisors of training are encouraged to drive a culture that supports learners and their wellbeing, and leads to improving patient outcomes.

Our Education & Training programs promote excellence in clinical supervision, education and training. The sessions we offer address the key educational standards of:

  • Communication
  • Teaching
  • Supervision/Improving Performance
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Orientation
  • Wellbeing

We have involved external stakeholders, such as the MEO and Prevocational Supervisor Network, JMO Victoria and PMCV’s Education Committee, to ensure representation from all medical prevocational education stakeholders and craft groups.

All our programs and initiatives are achieved with consideration to the PMCV values agility, collaboration and equity.

Our medical education and training programs and courses

Our programs are developed in line with innovations in medical education and training to help increase confidence, knowledge, and practical skills in medical professionals.

Learn more about each program below:

Teaching on the Run (TOTR)

A modular course from  TELL Centre’s highly acclaimed suite of professional development programs designed to improve your practical skills, knowledge, and overall confidence when delivering medical education and training.

This course is suitable for medical educators and supervisors.

Communicating with Confidence (CWC)

A unique and interactive non-clinical course designed to help you develop the skills and techniques to respond confidently and create a strong impression in clinical settings and beyond.

This course is suitable for medical professionals at any level.

Hitting the Ground Running (HTGR)

An IMG Orientation Program designed to support and grow the knowledge of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) as they familiarise themselves within the Australian healthcare system.

This course is suitable for International Medical Graduates (IMGs).

Cultural Safety

At PMCV, we believe that cultural awareness is an essential part of creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, staff, and faculty members. We recognize that our community is diverse and that understanding and respecting cultural differences is crucial to providing high-quality education.

By promoting cultural awareness, we aim to foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and empathy, which in turn will enhance the learning experience and promote personal growth for everyone involved. We are committed to providing resources, training, and support to our community to ensure that we are all equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in a multicultural world.

Together with our stakeholders, the Education and Training team will empower, support, and advocate for prevocational medical trainees by

  • Centralising resources for MEOs and Supervisors.

  • Providing education and training for Supervisors, medical prevocational trainees and MEOs.

  • Supporting the implementation of the JMO Medical Educator model.

  • Engaging and supporting educational research and innovations.

Education and Training Prospectus

The PMCV Education Series has been developed to deliver courses to Prevocational Doctors and their clinical supervisors with the support and commitment of the health service in their workplace.

MEO Guide

The PMCV MEO Network is a collective of all MEOs working in Victoria and they are your best allies for collaborating, sharing,
and receiving general support. Members are easily reached via email or phone and can also be interacted with during the regular
PMCV MEO Network meetings that occur at least four times per year.

More Resources

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What we do

PMCV seeks to improve the educational and training opportunities available to support the welfare and career development of doctors, graduate nurses and midwives who have recently graduated or commenced work in the Victorian health system.