The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria was established in 1999 as an Incorporated Association following recommendations of the Medical Training Review Panel. It is the lead organisation in Victoria that is specifically concerned with the welfare of prevocational medical trainees in Victorian hospitals.

The Rules of the Council set out our statement of purposes and our governance requirements.

The PMCV Board

The Council is governed by a Board, which has responsibility for managing the business and affairs of the Council. The Board also has four committees to assist in the performance of its functions.

Prof Michelle Leech
Prof Michelle LeechBoard Chair, Finance & Risk Committee
MBBS (Hons.), FRACP, PhD
A/Prof Michael Franco
A/Prof Michael FrancoDeputy Board Chair, Ex-officio Accreditation Committee
MBBS, FRACP (Med Onc, Pall Med), FAChPM
Dr Anand Ponniraivan
Dr Anand PonniraivanTreasurer, Board Member (Medical Management Representative), Finance & Risk Committee
Dr Romey Giles
Dr Romey GilesBoard Member (General Practitioner Representative)
A/Prof Jonathon Knott
A/Prof Jonathon KnottEx-officio, Finance & Risk Committee
Dr Adam Walsh
Dr Adam WalshBoard Member (Prevocational Doctor Representative)
Dr Sarah Rickman
Dr Sarah RickmanPMCV Medical Director
A/Prof Wanda Stelmach
A/Prof Wanda StelmachBoard Member (Consultant Surgeon Representative)
FRACS, MBBS (Melbourne), BSc (Monash), ACHSM
A/Prof Rob O’Brien
A/Prof Rob O’BrienBoard Member (Medical Educator Representative), Education Committee Member
Dr Barry Gunn
Dr Barry GunnBoard Member (Emergency Physician Representative)
Professor Anna Ryan
Professor Anna RyanBoard Member (University of Melbourne Representative)
B.App.Sc(Clin)/B.Chiro.Sc., Grad.Dip.VET., Dip Acu., MBBS, Grad.Cert.Uni Teaching, PhD
Professor Gary Rogers
Professor Gary RogersBoard Member (Deakin University Representative)

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