The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria works closely with a number of established committees as part of our governance process. These committees work to support a number of PMCV stakeholders, as well as working to uphold the missions of PMCV’s three pillars as listed in our 2021-2024 Strategic Plan.

The PMCV Accreditation Committee

A/Prof Bruce WaxmanChairRural Health Service
Dr Kate GazzardDeputy ChairJunior Medical Staff
Prof Debra KiegaldieDeputy ChairMedical Education SMS
Ms Jenepher Martin –Victorian Board of MBA
A/Prof Michael FrancoEx-officioMetropolitan Health Service
Dr Philippa Hawkings –Metropolitan Health Service
Dr KC Tse –Rural Health Service
Dr Kaushik Banerjea –Rural Health Service
Dr Caleb Lin –Junior Medical Staff
Dr Manogna Metlapalli –Junior Medical Staff (JMO Victoria)
Dr Laura Raiti –Junior Medical Staff
Ms Nicole Purkis –Medical Education Officers
Dr Genni Newnham –Medical Education SMS
Mr Simon Phipps –Health Consumer/Community
Ms Paula Davey –Health Consumer/Community
Dr David Steed –University
Dr Reece Lancaster –University
Dr Peter StevensEx-officioGeneral Practice (Rural)
Dr Annabel Martin –RACP Nominee/Physician AWH
Ms Susan Shedda –RACS Nominee
Dr Allan Whitehead –ACEM Nominee
Dr Greg Coates –VRGP Nominee

Board Finance and Risk Committee

A/Prof Lyn ClearihanTreasurer
Prof Michelle LeechMember
A/Prof Jonathon KnottMember
Dr Anand PonniraivanMember
TBA – JMO Victoria TreasurerObserver

Education Committee

A/Prof Louis IrvingChair
Dr Brendan CondonDeputy Chair
TBAMedical Education (Higher Education) Representative
Dr Heather GrusauskasMedical Education (General Practice) Representative
Ms Belinda HealyMedical Education (MEO Metropolitan) Representative
Ms Pauline DibMedical Education (MEO Metropolitan) Representative
Ms Debra SchulzMedical Education (MEO Regional) Representative
Ms Jane McPhersonMedical Education (MEO Regional) Representative
TBADirectors of Clinical Training/Supervisors of Interns (Metropolitan) Representative
TBADirectors of Clinical Training/Supervisors of Interns (Regional) Representative
Dr Tsung ChungTerm Supervisors Representative
Dr William SlifirskiJMO Victoria Representative
Dr Carla Borg CaruanaJMO Victoria Representative
Ms Inas El KadySecretary (PMCV Education & Training Manager)
Ms Julie FaoroPMCV Representative (Chief Executive Officer)

IMG Committee

Dr Sarah RickmaChair
Ms Lynne TichhurstDeputy Chair/Metropolitan Health Service Representative
Dr Sean FabriMetropolitan Health Service Representative
Dr Alison GilesMetropolitan Health Service Representative
Dr Joanna BrownMetropolitan Health Service Representative
Ms Kim Firth –
Dr Liliana Sousa NanjuJMO Victoria Representative
Dr Shahzad SadiqJMO Victoria Representative
Ms Sarah HarperAHPRA Representative
Ms Chrissie McKeayAHPRA Representative
Ms Zoe SwainMedical Education Officer Nominee
Ms Sandi CollinsMedical Education Officer Nominee
Ms Beverley SuttonHEAL Representative
Ms Catherine MittonRWAV Representative
TBAVictorian Department of Health Representative
Ms Inas El KadySecretary (PMCV Education & Training Manager)
Mr Korian StrakoschPMCV Representative (Strategic Projects Manager)
Ms Julie FaoroPMCV Representative (CEO)

HMO Managers Committee

The structure of this committee is still being decided for 2022.

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