The purpose of the PMCV Accreditation Committee is to develop, monitor and evaluate accreditation standards and processes for the provision of prevocational medical education and training and for promotion of prevocational doctor wellbeing and safe quality patient care. 

The Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria Inc. (PMCV) are accredited by the Medical Board of Australia as the prevocational training accreditation authority for Victoria. All PGY1 and PGY2 training programs and posts must be accredited by PMCV. The purpose of PMCV accreditation is to ensure accreditation standards are met for the provision of prevocational medical education and training to promote prevocational doctor wellbeing and safe, high quality patient care. 

Accreditation of PGY1 and PGY2 training programs and posts in Victoria is undertaken by PMCV in a combined accreditation process which involves concurrent accreditation survey visits at least every four years. 

Essentially, the Committee’s role is to promote excellence in clinical training, appropriate educational and learning experiences and effective supervision quality and safety in patient care and appropriate support for prevocational doctors. 

Accreditation and Standards Committee Composition

  • Chair  
  • Deputy Chair  
  • Secretary – Accreditation Manager, PMCV 
  • Junior Medical Staff (at least 2) including at least 1 JMO Vic nominee (2-4). 
  • Medical Education representatives (at least 4) – Directors of Training (SIT/DCT), Medical Education Officers, Term Supervisors 
  • Medical Workforce representatives (1 from each metro & 2 from rural health services) 
  • Metropolitan Health Service representatives (at least 3) – Director of Medical Services or appropriate experience. 
  • Rural Health Service representatives (at least 2) – Director of Medical Services or appropriate experience (at least two). 
  • Medical Board of Australia (at least 1 MBA nominee) 
  • University representative (1-2) 
  • Health Consumer/ Community representative (at least 2) 
  • College representatives (at least 2)  
PMCV Accreditation Committee adopted cluster structure of geographical distribution with representation to cover the different types of health services. These are:

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Expressions of Interest are currently open for a number of positions on the Accreditation Committee. Please complete a Nomination Form if you are interested in participating on the committee. 

Role of an Accreditation Committee Member

The role of members includes: 

  • Attending meetings of the Committee
  • Actively contribute input into assessment of accreditation standards.  
  • Review Reports of Survey Visits in terms of aspects of prevocational doctor training (e.g. supervision, learning, rostering, workload) which impact on safe patient care.   
  • Contribute to ongoing quality review and improvement of prevocational doctor training programs .
  • Contribute to development, implementation and review of accreditation policies, procedures and quality assurance approaches. 
  • Participate in at least one PMCV survey visit every 3 years. 

Selection and Training 

It is expected that individuals who become a member of the PMCV Accreditation Committee would submit an Expression of Interest addressing the following criteria for selection: 

  • Prior experience as PMCV Accreditation team member    
  • Prior experience as a member of a Board or committee for health services or other health-related or regulatory organisation.    
  • Availability to attend the surveyor training workshop (held annually) and would then participate in a survey visit (for 1-2 visits).    
  • Provide detail on the individual’s experience, interest in involvement and nomination of two referees.    
  • Relevant Health Service experience with prevocational medical staff and organisational development. 
If you are interested in nominating yourself for a position on the PMCV Accreditation Committee, please fill out the nomination form.

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