In January 2023, the AMC was advised that all jurisdictions had agreed to the proposal for a national approach and to commence work on the procurement and development of a national e-portfolio. The National e-Portfolio Project Board (NEPB), which all jurisdictions are members of, has been established by the Health Chief Executive Forum (HCEF) to oversee the project and met for the first time in February 2023.

The national ePortfolio is currently in development and expected to be launched in 2025. 

The ePortfolio will capture Outcome Statements linked to term descriptions, Entrustable Professional Activity assessment information, and it will support mid- and end-term assessments. Both EPA and term assessments will be able to be completed within the National E-Portfolio as represented in the diagram below.

On October 19, the AMC reached a significant milestone, with the Health Chief Executives Forum supporting the engagement of MyKnowledgeMap to develop and implement the national e-portfolio.

To find out more about MyKnowledgeMap you can visit their website below:

AMC Indicative Timeline

Please note that this timeline is subject to change

  • Contract execution (AMC and vendor) (Nov 2023)
  • Discovery phase (Dec – Jan/Feb 2024)
  • Early development, incl. data collection/uploads and online form creation (commencing Feb 2024)
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) completed Jul 2024
  • Iterative development, testing and refinement, facilitated by engagement with SMEs and User Acceptance Testing processes (Jul-Nov 2024)
  • Training (various training activities and resources to be made available in 2024 – details/timing to be confirmed) which may include
    • Face-to-face and virtual sessions
    • Videos
    • An online user guide
    • FAQs
    • Potential for a train-the-trainer approach to be utilised
    • Help desk support
  • National ePortfolio go-live targeted to occur by January 2025


AMC ePortfolio National Forum Presentation Slide Deck