PMCV coordinates the Intern Match on behalf of Victorian health services offering accredited Internship positions, and candidates applying for these positions. This blog will detail all the important information about the PMCV Intern Match process.

Victorian Rural Preferential Allocation 

The Victorian Rural Preferential Allocation (VRPA) is a Department of Health Rural Initiative introduced in 2021 that prioritises the recruitment for regional and rural positions to build a sustainable medical workforce in rural and regional Victoria.

The benefit of participating in VRPA is that it is the first allocation to be conducted and it is a single application process. You are also then eligible to apply for the Victorian Rural Medical Scholarship valued at $20,000 per successful candidate.

If you are unmatched in the VRPA allocation, you will be moved into the next allocation of offers according to you eligibility category utilising your existing preferences.

Are you eligible for the Intern Match?

Before embarking on an application, candidates must know whether they are eligible for the match. Please ensure that you fit into one of the following eligibility categories:

The Intern Match Application Steps

Step 1. Create a PMCV Account via our website.

Step 2. Apply to the 2024 Intern Match via the Allocation and Placement Service once applications open (6th of May at 10am).

All candidates must agree to abide by the APS Code of Conduct that can be found on the Intern Match page under ‘Reading Material’

As part of the PMCV Intern Match application candidates will need to fill out their details and complete the following:

Health service preferences

Candidates can select a minimum of five and a maximum of ten preferences. Please ensure that you only preference health services that you want to work at.


All candidates must nominate two clinical referees who have supervised you clinically and PGY4 level or above. Referees must be contacted in advance to ensure they are available to complete a referee form in the timeframe allocated (6th of May to 6th of June 2024).

Health services that you have preferenced will be able to view referee reports in the health service assessment phase.

Please ensure that you nominate your referees correctly as you will not be able to add, remove or update once applications have closed.

Video Interviews

As part of the PMCV application process, candidates will be required to answer three randomly assigned questions in a recorded video interview. VRPA candidates will have an additional question.

Step 3. Apply directly to the health services you have preferenced in your PMCV application if applicable.

Health Service Assessment

Once applications are closed health services view all candidates who have preferenced their health service and assess their applications for internship.

They can filter to display candidates who have preferenced their health service within their top 3 or top 5 preferences.

Health services then rank candidates they want to employ and submit them.

Intern Match Allocations

The APS algorithm then allocates candidates to health service positions based upon preferences, health service rankings and number of positions.

PMCV will continue to support and guide candidates to complete the Intern Match process.

For further details about the Match please head to our 2024 Intern Match webpage to watch our recent webinar:

In addition, if you have any enquiries, please contact us at

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