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Why is this course useful to me?

Communicating with Confidence is a non-clinical course designed to help you develop the skills and techniques required when working in challenging situations, such as performing during a clinical exam, when speaking with a patient or when interacting with colleagues.

The skills learned in this course will be useful for doctors who want to build their confidence in communicating referrals, consults, their own needs, and with challenging personalities. It will also provide them with strategies for understanding why communication isn’t working at times, how it can be improved and provide doctors with skills to foster strong working relationships.

Participants will participate in a unique learning experience which explores techniques such as voice, breathing and strategies for improved confidence and thinking on your feet,  to provide knowledge and skills transferable to use in the everyday workplace environment.

Assumed Knowledge

This course assumes you to meet current AHPRA Registration requirements for English literacy or equivalent. The content will require participants to adapt the English language using techniques such as paraphrasing, rephrasing or substituting words, sentences and ideas.

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