The Australian Medical Council’s (AMC) revised National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training (NFPMT) will be implemented from 2024 and will be accompanied by mandatory training for Victorian prevocational supervisors through the PMCV’s Prevocational Supervision Training Package.

This was created as part of the revised Framework to improve current supervision standards with an emphasis on observation, assessment, and feedback with the goal of continuous development for prevocational doctors.

The package aims to support prevocational supervisors in understanding and fulfilling their role under the revised Framework providing them with targeted learning relevant to how they will be supporting and teaching prevocational doctors at their health facility. This training is designed to be easily understood and will need to be completed within three years of implementation.

There are seven videos that will be released as part of the Training Package. Six of the videos have been produced by PMCV whilst the seventh is being produced by the AMC and will cover Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs).

All the videos created by PMCV are designed for different prevocational supervisor roles and are detailed below.

Understanding the Framework

This video is mandatory to watch for all Victorian prevocational supervisors under the revised National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training. We also suggest that if you are involved in prevocational education and training in any way, you watch it too.

It provides an overview of the revised Framework and how it will improve training results for both prevocational doctors and supervisors, leading to better patient outcomes. Watching this video will provide you with a better understanding of:

  • The rationale for the revisions to the Framework
  • Cultural safety in the context of clinical experiences
  • How prevocational doctors will be assessed

The Role of the Term Supervisor

If you are a Victorian prevocational Term Supervisor, you will be watching PMCV’s Prevocational Supervision Training Package video – ‘The Role of the Term Supervisor’ as part of your mandatory supervisor training.

This video will guide you through the role you play in supervising prevocational doctors, and your responsibilities within prevocational medical training and assessment under the revised Framework. Watching this video will assist Term Supervisors in:

  • Knowing how their supervision can be more meaningful to the continual development of prevocational doctors
  • Clarifying their responsibilities as a Term Supervisor and which responsibilities can be delegated to another team member
  • Role modelling cultural safety in practice

Clinical Supervision

One of the videos that all Victorian Primary (ward consultant) and Day-to-Day (Registrars) Clinical Supervisors will have to watch is ‘Clinical Supervision’.

The video will ensure that you understand your responsibilities as a Clinical Supervisor in the revised Framework, as well as the distinctive role you fill in supervising prevocational doctors.

Watching this video will assist Primary and Day-to-day Supervisors in:

  • Identifying the various roles they play in a prevocational doctor’s training journey
  • Clarifying their responsibilities as a member of the Clinical Supervision team and how this teamwork supports the Term Supervisor to do their role more effectively
  • Increasing their awareness of supports which are available to them

Beginning of Term Discussion

The Beginning of Term Discussion is an important part of a prevocational doctor’s training journey at the start of each term.

PMCV’s Prevocational Supervision Training Package ‘Beginning of Term Discussion’ video will provide prevocational supervisors with some guidance on how to set your prevocational doctor up for success during the term. Watching this video will assist prevocational supervisors in:

  • Recognising how a beginning of term discussion sets a prevocational doctor up for success
  • Preparing for a beginning of term discussion with a prevocational doctor
  • Discussing term objectives with the support of a Term Description

Term Assessments

Term Assessments are changing under the revised National Framework in 2024.

PMCV’s ‘Term Assessments’ video will provide all prevocational supervisors with an overview of requirements for a term assessment, including the gathering of information, providing verbal and written feedback, and how to respond when a concern is raised. Watching this video will assist prevocational supervisors in:

  • Taking the appropriate steps to consider cultural safety, particularly for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health outcomes
  • Completing the requirements of a term assessment
  • Addressing concerns about the progress of a prevocational doctors by utilizing available supports


The revised National Framework emphasises providing regular feedback to prevocational doctors, which can contribute to improved social and emotional wellbeing.

The ‘Feedback’ video provides an effective introduction for new prevocational supervisors, on how to provide meaningful feedback to prevocational doctors.

For more experienced prevocational supervisors, the video provides an opportunity to revise the key principles of providing effective feedback. The video also provides worked examples of some feedback models. Watching this video will assist prevocational supervisors in:

  • Reflecting on principles to apply when providing feedback
  • Providing effective feedback in both informal and formal opportunities
  • Identifying different models for providing feedback

For more information about each video and other aspects of the Training Package, please head to the PSTP webpage.

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