From 2025, all PGY2 programs nationwide are required to meet the requirements of the Australian Medical Council’s revised National Framework.

PMCV has collaborated with several stakeholder groups to consider the implications of the National Framework, which has resulted in the decision that the traditional PGY2 streaming approach used in many Victorian health services will be superseded by the requirement for prevocational doctors to meet the AMC Clinical Experience classifications. 

From 2025, health services are required to remove streaming and create rotation planners that meet the Victorian PGY2 Program Guidelines. Any exceptions will need to be discussed and approved by PMCV.  

From 2026, all health services must meet the requirements outlined in the Victorian PGY2 Program Guidelines.

This page contains multiple resources regarding the PGY2 changes. The full Guidelines can be accessed below:

What is expected in 2024?

1st of August 2024

All health services must submit all PGY2 Term Descriptions (vocational and non-vocational) and evidence to support the Clinical Experience classification to PMCV for review.

1st of September 2024

All health services must submit PGY2 Rotation Planners to PMCV for review.

Submission, Review and Endorsement Process

Submission Process:

Health services are required to submit PGY2 Planners and PGY2 Term Descriptions, including supporting evidence via the NFPMT Implementation Checklist.

If you do not have access to the NFPMT Implementation Checklist or if you have any questions or concerns, please email

Review and Endorsement Process: 

A PMCV Accreditation Sub-committee has been established to review all PGY2 Term Descriptions and PGY2 Planners.

An outcome of review letter will be provided by the PMCV Accreditation Sub-committee within six weeks of submission.

NB: The same rotation may be approved for a different Clinical Experience in a different health service as the classification will be dependent on the local clinical context, patient case mix and available learning opportunities.

Service Rotations:

PMCV would like to be notified of all Service Rotations.

If the Service Rotation is to have Clinical Experiences allocated they will need to be accredited.

PGY2 Implementation FAQs

The FAQs will be consistently updated and reviewed as we progress further with PGY2 implementation and the review of related documentation.