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Victoria’s implementation of Australian Medical Council’s (AMCs) National Framework for Prevocational (PGY1 and PGY2) Medical Training (NFPMT) will be supported by PMCV through up-to-date, easy-to-digest centralised resources and guidelines.

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Prevocational Framework Events

Prevocational Framework Implementation Roadmap

Key Components

PGY2 Implementation
Term Descriptions
Assessment Review Panel
Rotation Planners
Entrustable Professional Activities
Prevocational Supervision Training Package
AMC Resources

Are you a current or future prevocational doctor?

Visit the National Framework for Prevocational Doctors Page below to find out more about your training journey.

Educational Resources

Visit the NFPMT Educational Resources Page below for downloadable resources about the elements of the Framework.

PMCV Prevocational Framework Governance Structure

The National Framework Steering Committee provides leadership, expert guidance, and support for the statewide coordination of the implementation of the AMC (Australian Medical Council) NFPMT. 

PMCV National Framework Health Service Leads

The National Framework Health Service Leads are responsible for supporting and ensuring their health service meets the mandatory requirements of the National Framework.

In addition, they have been appointed by their health service as the primary contact point with PMCV. The appointed leads are responsible for disseminating PMCV guidelines, templates and communiques to relevant staff within their health service.

See the full list of the leads below:

Prevocational Framework Enquiry Form

If you have queries, please contact PMCV for support via the contact form below or alternatively please reach out to Maaki Dusanovic, PMCV NFPMT Statewide Project Manager by email - nfpmt@pmcv.com.au
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