In 2021, PMCV introduced the Victorian Rural Preferential Allocation (VRPA) as the first allocation round within the Victorian Intern Match. The objective of the VRPA is to build a sustainable medical workforce in rural Victoria. Last year 64% of all rural and regional Health Service positions were part of the VRPA round, with this number expected to increase in the 2022 VRPA round. 

The VRPA positions in the Match are based out five different regions in Victoria: 

The VRPA round is also optional to candidates only wishing to preference rural Health Services. Any eligible applicants interested in undertaking internship in rural Victoria can opt-in to participate in the VRPA round of the Intern Match. The VRPA round allows applicants with a genuine interest in rural medicine, to be allocated to a rural internship position before any allocations of positions in metropolitan Melbourne occur.  

Did you know that if you opt-in to the VRPA that you can also apply for the Victorian Rural Medical Scholarship (VRMS)?

The VRMS supports medical students with a commitment to working in rural and regional Victoria by providing financial assistance towards living and tertiary expenses in the final year of their medical degree and into their rural intern year.

Successful candidates will receive $20,000 in exchange for a two-year return of service obligation in rural/regional Victoria which needs to be fulfilled within three years of graduating from medical school. There are twelve scholarships on offer in 2022, so have a think about whether it is right for you.  

Working Rurally

Working rurally offers you the opportunity to become part of a community who needs your help. Not only is there beautiful scenery and the opportunity to create a better work/life balance, but you will also be given a lot of hands-on experience due to the varied work that is typical in a rural Health Service. This not only gives you a broad knowledge base and set of skills early in your career, but it also gives you the opportunity to explore career options that you may not have previously considered. 

If you have some longer-term rural plans, you may also want to consider the Rural Generalist (RG) pathway. 

The Victorian Rural Generalist Program (VRGP) is also a fantastic way to explore career options as you will get a taste of General Practice during an RG internship. 

VRGP is a state-wide end to end training program which offers trainees a defined and supported training pathway all the way through to Fellowship. What makes Rural Generalism so special is the cross-over skills of being a Rural GP with specialist skills to provide extra community support in healthcare, like obstetrics, anaesthetics or mental health services. 

If you would like some rural inspiration, have a listen to this podcast from RWAVs ‘Talking Country Health’ who interviewed Dr Angela Stratton, Statewide Clinical Lead VRGP about life as a Rural Generalist.  

You can also find out more information about the VRPA by heading to the 2022 Intern Match page. There you will find a recording of our ‘Interested in Rural Training?’ webinar, as well as resources regarding the VRPA process. 

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