As a prevocational doctor in Victoria, it is important for you to know how PMCV can help support you throughout your prevocational training journey.

PMCV seeks to improve the educational and training opportunities available to support the welfare and career development of doctors, graduate nurses and midwives who have recently graduated or commenced work in the Victorian health system.

PMCV’s three pillars of Accreditation, Education and Workforce are here to provide you with support at all stages of your prevocational training.

PMCV’s Accreditation team is responsible for ensuring that you are provided with a safe and supportive prevocational training environment.

PMCV’s Education team delivers education, training, and professional development that can be accessed by prevocational doctors in Victoria.

PMCV’s Workforce team collaborates with health services to assist with recruitment for prevocational doctors and graduate nurses and midwives.

Learn more about the National Framework for Prevocational Medical Training which will be implemented in Victoria for in 2024/2025.

Education and Training

Learn more about PMCV’s courses:

JMO Victoria is a team of junior doctors who represent, advocate for, and support all junior doctors in Victoria.

The PMCV Calendar contains dates of events relating to prevocational medical training in Victoria.